HIGHLIGHTS | Design deli

HIGHLIGHTS | Design deli

Back in December probably many of us thought that this winter will not be so hard, but I guess our calculations were wrong this time. There are still many bitter and chilly days yet to come, but luckily the delicacies stored up during the holidays will keep us going for some time.

We put away the Christmas decorations, throw ourselves into work and the grey winter days. Even though the holiday spirit is hard to revive, a nice cup of tea and some chocolate or a piece of cake can charge us back up, while also reminding us that it won’t be long, only a few months and spring will be here.

To get through the days filled with problems and dark clouds, this week’s selection includes delicacies and their packagings that might help you stay in the festive winter mood for a little longer. Here come some winter-inspired goodies from Sweden to Hungary!

Luc & Louna | Stockholm, Sweden
Amanda Mohlin

Chocolate Pharmacy | Istanbul, Turkey
Atelier Nese Nogay

Reviwell Tea | Bengaluru, India
Prachi Malviya

The Preservatory | Toronto, Canada
Chad Roberts

Chez Dodo X-mas Edition | Budapest, Hungary
Eszter Laki
Réka Imre

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