HIGHLIGHTS | Experimental typography

HIGHLIGHTS | Experimental typography

In recent years, there has been a new, up-and-coming graphic design approach that started to gain popularity even in pop culture: experimental typography. The genre’s special feature is that, compared to conventional styles, it creates a fresh, rebellious, and spontaneous look by using distinctive character sets and breaking the usual rules of layout and font design.

It, therefore, questions the exact same thing the profession has worked so hard to achieve for quite a while: formality. But what’s behind this trend, this ideology? The word has Latin origins (experimentum) , which refers to tests and experimentation. It consists of a privative prefix (ex-) and the word perior, which means experience: when we encounter such pieces of art, they conjure up the notion of the investigating, experimenting, and practicing nature of artists, and the maturity that comes with experience. This experimental visual trend tests society again and again, pushing boundaries and broadening our horizons. It creates graphic solutions that are not only feasts for our eyes but also provide some food for thought. So, it’s no wonder that nowadays even large companies and organizations are happy to employ this form of visual education on their posters scattered in cities.

But if it becomes a widely accepted and used graphic style, can it retain its spontaneous, experimental character? This is the question we’re looking to answer with our current project selection, making our way from France to Hungary.


Visual Identity — SOMA | Toulouse, France
Quatrième Étage


Picasso. Els quaderns | Barcelona, Spain
Ara Estudio .
Todojunto Graphics


Tofua™ Typeface | Istanbul, Turkey
Muhittin Güneş


Debrecen 2023 European Capital of Culture – Bid Book | Budapest, Hungary
József G. Kiss
Lili Köves
Classmate Studio
Eszter Misztarka
Attila Ács
Fruzsina Fölföldi


UH FEST 2018 | Budapest, Hungary
de_form studio
nora demeczky
eniko deri

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