HIGHLIGHTS | It’s free to consume

HIGHLIGHTS | It’s free to consume

We hear the news one after the other that, thanks to the success of the vaccination campaigns, terraces, pubs and cafés can be opened all over Europe. These developments suggest that we will soon be back to our everyday lives, that is, we can sit in a cozy place to consume with no worries. Encouraged by this, this week we have put together a selection of projects that will strengthen our sense of security and courage to get in the mood for a good black coffee.

Be it new wave or traditional, one thing is for sure: today, no restaurant can afford the luxury of starting without a visual identity. But why? How did this unwritten rule come about? There used to be company signs and labels, but their appearance never required as much attention as they do today. One is basically a visual type, and the urban man is clearly addicted to pictorial cognition. As a result of our rapidly developing cities and businesses fattened with capitalist ideas, the modern man has become estranged from others, no longer a familiar face or person embodies the brand, like a greengrocer on the corner or innkeeper used to: this recognition was replaced by an emblem, color, font.

Here are a few living examples of this phenomenon, let’s see what the future holds: what colors, shapes and letters can personal connection and service be reduced to?


Pâtisserie Rhubarbe | Montreal, Canada
Nouvelle Administration


LA MADRUGADA | Murcia, Spain
Rubio & del Amo


La Colmada | Madrid, Spain
Ultramarina Studio


We Love Burgers | Mexico City, Mexico
FAENA Studio


MALVA | Wrocław, Poland
Łukasz Radoliński

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