HIGHLIGHTS | Let’s get cooking!

HIGHLIGHTS | Let’s get cooking!

“Anyone can cook” – we have known since the famous saying of Chef Gusteau that even a rat coming from the sewer can create delicious meals – at least in a Pixar animation movie. Let’s set aside the fact that it’s one of the least favored rodents on the screen, as when it comes to cooking, passion is what really matters. Endless experimenting, the strive for perfect flavor harmony, the balance of ingredients – to make something out of nothing, or, to be more accurate: to make a new, exciting, attractive and tasty dish out of simple components. That is: to create.

Of course culinary artists do not only cook from the heart: they are calm and considerate at the same time, and can only create new rules if they learn the old ones first. Gastronomy is not only about preparing the dishes: it takes what can be made with calf’s liver or whipped egg yolk to the level of art. One thing that is constant, however, may it be bistro cuisine or fine dining, is the importance of quality above all. The same as we don’t pour cheap red wine into the sauce of the simplest Bolognese, many times the use of premium ingredients predestines the success of the dish made – the meeting of a good bread and a quality butter can be just as good as a meal served in a fancy restaurant. Therefore, it does matter what we cook with: with all our hearts and quality ingredients, and in the case of the latter, many times it is the packaging that we can rely on – since if we pay attention to the “carrier”, we can trust that the content won’t disappoint us either. „A pinch of”, „medium”, „al dente” and all the rest, from India to Canada.

Kitti Mayer
design theorist


IKEA COOKBOOK | Budapest, Hungary
Zsolt Liber


BROWNS – Brand Identity | Kozhikode, India
Blesson Varghese


The Better Farm Co. | Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
Laura Prpich


POTAMYA | Istanbul, Turkey
Studio Born
Cansu Taşkın


Ferro | San José, Costa Rica


Spyra Sparkling | Bergamo, Italy
Salvatore Santaniello

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