HIGHLIGHTS | Music for the eyes

HIGHLIGHTS | Music for the eyes

“Surrounded by the digital, we now crave experiences that are more tactile and human-centric. We want to interact with goods and services with all our senses, and many of us are willing to pay a premium to do so, even if it is more cumbersome and costly than its digital equivalent” – says David Sax in his book “The Revenge of the Analog”. In the first chapter, the author talks about the renaissance of vinyls, but he also elaborates the comeback of paper, boardgames and movies.

Today, when we type our shopping lists into our smartphones and we record the times of our important meetings in the form of digital calendar entries, we almost yearn for more tangible forms of creative thinking and experiences. We want to connect with our everyday objects through our senses. Just like traditional printed books have not vanished from the face of the Earth with the appearance of e-books, the act of listening to music is not limited to the use of digital tools either. We feel good while swiping the dust off of our old analog objects and we also make the moments of putting the object into use a part of the experience. We don’t just want to hear or listen to music, we want to connect with the carrier and the player itself, too. The satisfaction of visual stimuli also forms an integral part of this experience: the embossed vinyl covers or those displaying psychedelic patterns lead us into totally different worlds than the universe made up of the ones and zeros describing the digital world. This time, we collected examples of the sensual enjoyment of music from Austria to the United States.

Kitti Mayer
design theorist

The Meatpies – Babyrousa album | Murcia, Spain
Chem ©
Curlos Guerrero
Nahu Marín Luriaud

Za! Loloismo | Barcelona, Spain
Todojunto Graphics

Black Devil Disco Club – Lucifer Is A Flower| Saint Paul, MN, USA

Dead Fader – Sun Copter vinyl | Vienna, Austria
Thomas Neulinger

Gord Downie Album Cover | Berlin, Germany
Jenn Kitagawa

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