Highlights of Hungary’s list of nominees is now official

Highlights of Hungary’s list of nominees is now official

Women play a key role in this year’s Highlights nominations: amongst many others, Nanushka, @nemakarokbeleszolni and the Redy period underwear have made it to the list of 55 exemplary figures and projects.

The past 12 months saw the birth of many valuable projects in Hungary: Highlights of Hungary established in 2013 showcases the important representatives and successful initiatives of the creative sector, public life, culture, sports, environmentalism and innovation once again without categories. Like previous years, ten ambassadors picked out the nominees again this year, and their list is now official: you can browse through the selection of the potential Highlights winners here. Now let’s see some of our favorites!

Katarina Durica

As a mother, Vivien Mádai found female stories worth of nomination: @nemakarokbeleszolni is an Instagram page fighting against momshaming, Hosszúlépés’s movement dubbed Wonder Woman Budapest campaigns for statues of women working for the capital instead of decorative nudes, while journalist Katarina Durica became a successful writer with topics that not many people dare to write about.

Nanushka and NohaStudio: the buttons of the clothing brand are hand-made by women in Terény, rural Hungary

Design critic József Martinkó picked the collaboration of Nanushka and NohaStudio as one of his nominees: the Hungarian clothing brand offers work to locals in a village in Nógrád county, Hungary, by respecting their traditions. József also nominated the period underwear named Redy, which helps us normalize our attitude towards a biological phenomenon that we felt ashamed for a long time, in addition to offering an environmentally friendly alternative to regular period products.


By nominating Vates, Dávid Marsalkó brings a fashion brand into the spotlight that introduces poetry to generation Z, and proves that poems can indeed be cool through their clothing items.

Voting will start soon, in the course of which the audience will have to choose their favorites out of the 55 prominent projects, while the winners will be announced in February.

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Cover: Hosszúlépés’s Wonder Woman Budapest movement

Source: press release

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