HIGHLIGHTS | Pure elegance

HIGHLIGHTS | Pure elegance

The medicinal attributes of juniper berries were already known in ancient times, but they became truly popular owing to the English soldiers fighting in the Netherlands, who first met gin, the beverage made of the plant during the Dutch Revolt. Over the past centuries, the liquor has taken many shapes, and today, we consume it rather due to its palatability than for its painkilling effect. From the dirty, crowded and not in the least friendly Victorian taverns, the juniper spirit moved to the shelves of elegant bars – this change of status also manifested in its packaging. In addition to the elegant look, however, ensuring that the beauty and purity of the spirit prevail on the bottles is still of utmost importance. We present you the forms of pure elegance from Montreal to the Netherlands, also featuring the Red Dot award-winning packaging of the first Hungarian gin manufactory!

Gin Portage | Montréal, Canada
Mélanie Boucher

Lind & Lime Photography | Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Paul Hollingworth

OPERA GIN | Budapest, Hungary
Graphasel Design Studio

Stockholms Bränneri Pink Gin | Stockholm, Sweden
Carl Bachmann

VL92 GIN | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rick de Zwart

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