HIGHLIGHTS | Timeless beauty

HIGHLIGHTS | Timeless beauty

What’s Coca-Cola in the universe of soft drinks, it is Nivea in the field of skincare. The classic moisturizing creme produced since 1911 has been an indispensable accessory of our bathrooms for ages. And although the containers have now been replaced by plastic bottles, many of us think of a small round dark blue metal box, and for a good reason. The logo of the brand has hardly changed in the past 109 years, and this gives a sense of security to the consumers. In the world of natural ingredients, color-free formulae and natural cosmetics, a clean look is at least just as important as in the case of the iconic NIVEA, only in a different way. How much today’s cosmetic products can stand the test of time in terms of image and package design is a question that remains to be seen. We present you the rising stars of the future, from Mexico to Lithuania, also featuring a Hungarian example.

Healtheorem | Moscow, Russia
Soyuz ²
Slava Vovk
Danil Da

Conserva Collective | Budapest, Hungary
Peltan-Brosz Studio

Cosmos natura | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carolina Angarola

Green Feel’s – Special Line | Vilnius, Lithuania
Great&Golden Studio
Aidas Šumskas

Soap package | Moscow, Russia
Anna Meleshina

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