Holiday outfit for our home—with a twist | Christmas Decoration Guide

Holiday outfit for our home—with a twist | Christmas Decoration Guide

This is a time when not only our souls but also our surroundings tune in to Christmas. Here are a few ideas to make this year’s festive preparations a little less conventional or boring. Christmas guide No.4!

Ententyky: refined bonding

The Czech brand has launched a really special Advent wreath this year. The natural Ententyky ornament is a unique way to symbolize the bond of family, friends, and love while providing a neat adornment for the Christmas table.

Ententyky | Web | Instagram

Animal ceramics by Minka Klbečková

A goat for the Christmas tree? Why not? These extraordinary Christmas decorations come from the workshop of Slovak designer Martina Klbečková, known as Minka. In addition to farm animals, you can even hang dinosaurs and other interesting species on the tree.

The products are available in the Czech Design webshop.

Studio Muck and the minimal Jesus

For those who love the holidays, but don’t like unnecessary fuss, the Czech Studio Muck’s minimalist Nativity scene is the perfect choice, and it’s also freely customizable!

Muck Studio | Web | Instagram

Geometric Mary, Joseph and Jesus

Home of Solinfo’s advent campaign includes a selection of products by some of the most renowned professionals in the Hungarian design scene. Among the products recommended by Bence Csalár, we came across Lucie Kaas’ geometric kokeshi dolls, which could be unusual but all the more iconic pieces for our holiday.

The Nativity set is available in the Home of Solinfo webshop.

GreenWay Candle x De ceramics

One of the most beautiful and exciting parts of the Christmas preparations is when people unite. Two small Hungarian businesses, GreenWay Candle and De ceramics have teamed up to create a limited-edition collection of ceramics that smell like Christmas.

GreenWay Candle | Web | Facebook | Instagram
De ceramics | Facebook | Instagram

Christmas and nostalgia hand in hand

Printa’s Christmas collection is not only dominated by the gingerbread spirit. Festive warmth is often based on nostalgia, which is a well-known fact by the Hungarian company, Printa, and thus they convey a truly cozy feeling through their Upcycled Nostalgia blanket.

Printa | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Do it yourself!—Donna Ceramics Studio

If you wish to make your own holiday decorations, the Donna Ceramics Studio’s Christmas decorating workshop on 12 December is a great opportunity. Anyone from beginners to professionals can visit the carefully decorated workshop, and beyond the creation, there’s a chance to meet new people in this festive atmosphere. There’s nothing better than spending the Advent season with creative energy!

Read more about the Christmas decoration workshop here.

DONNA | Web | Instagram

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