Join and donate for a good cause!

Join and donate for a good cause!

Towards the end of the year, more and more of us will pause for a minute and realize how good it is to help others. This, of course, is no coincidence, as the approach of Giving Tuesday at the end of November and the Christmas holidays provide countless opportunities to help those who are really in need. We’ve put together some heartwarming alternatives where you can take care of others too!

Everyone Adopt A Puppy Foundation x Budapest Park

The Christmas campaign of Budapest Park is all about music-loving four-legged friends. The Everyone Adopt a Puppy Foundation (MFÖEK in Hungarian) saves pets, who are desperate for a family, from the dogcatchers in Ózd, Kisvárda and Miskolc, and help them find a home together with their temporary owners. For every ticket sold in December, Budapest Park will donate HUF 50 to the foundation, which will later be used for the medical expenses of the rescued puppies.

The MFÖEK with its active social media, has already run several special campaigns. Last December, actress Angéla Eke, with her fundraiser market, closed the year with outstanding success in the life of the foundation. The works offered by many Hungarian designers could be purchased at the market, and the artists included Kinga Cakó, Gabriella Veszprémi, Fruzsi Fekete and many others. As a civil movement, Angéla Eke is preparing for a similar action this year as well!

Sue Ryder Home

Christmas is extremely difficult without a family, and this is especially true for nursing homes. The Sue Ryder Home in Prague aims to make the lives of its residents a quality one with memorable experiences and dignified conditions. You can donate any day of the year, but now it is much more needed.

Autistic Art Foundation x Anna Daubner

Anna Daubner’s new collaboration with the Autistic Art Foundation supports not only the organization but also Hungarian workers, as T-shirts made of organic cotton are one hundred percent domestic products. The purpose of the collection is to draw attention to the fact that everyone is special in a different way. The foundation for young people with autism receives HUF 3,000 for each piece sold.

Novak Foundation

This time, the foundation of the world-famous tennis player Novak Djokovic is fundraising in the Serbian city of Nis to renovate a kindergarten. There is a shortage of kindergarten places in the city, so more than 100 children do not receive pre-school education. The fundraising works in several ways, it is possible to donate via SMS or even on the website.

Világszép Foundation x Villa Bagatelle

The Christmas tree of Villa Bagatelle is not ordinary, as behind every gingerbread ornament lies the wish of a disadvantaged child. Customers can take these and then, once they have purchased the gift, bring it back with the gingerbread heart. This fundraiser has been present in the life of the Világszép Foundation for 11 years now.

Füri Music Space x POKET Books

The annual planner of POKET Books is special in several ways. In addition to the fact that Ákos Fodor’s poems are hidden between the pages and the graphic design elements were designed by Lídia Gulyás, the Füri Music Space Foundation will receive the entire income of the pocketbook. The Füri Music Space is a community that teaches the love of music and sport to children who don’t have the opportunity to learn about it in other ways.

Photo: Leó Kozma

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