Lively ceramics for a gloomy day | TOP 5

Lively ceramics for a gloomy day | TOP 5

Looking back at recent years, this is perhaps the time to be most grateful to the ceramists who make the boho objects and who are working every day to cheer us up. Their unique handmade ceramic objects almost speak to us and in many cases, they seem to be endowed with different personality traits.

Leyla Ceramics | Hungary

It’s been less than a year since Sadik Leyla started her brand, but she’s caught the eye of many. “It makes me happy to pour life, shape and beauty into a clay mass. A sense of freedom, being able to shape anything that’s born in my head. I am very excited that I can create an object from the plans and thoughts that bring joy to others,” she explains on her Instagram page.

Photos: Leyla Ceramics

Trzask Ceramics | Poland

Trzask Ceramics is the family business of Marta and Olek, who run their studio in Warsaw together. They mainly make hand-painted mugs and plates, but on their website, you can also find vases, various dishes and candles. Their brightly colored ceramic objects are produced in small series, hence the supply is always updated.

Photos: Trzask Ceramics

Fenek Studio | Poland

Fenek Studio is a design studio as well as a porcelain workshop in Warsaw. The brand was founded by designers Agata Klimkowska and Antonina Kiliś, who graduated together from the School of Form design school. They have already established their business during their studies with the aim of remaining independent and allowing themselves to experiment.

Photos: Fenek Studio | Slovakia

The brand of Simona Janišová and Linda Viková, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Both designers graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and have their own brand not only as a duo but also individually. They focus primarily on the handmade manufacture of porcelain household appliances for everyday use.


UAU | Romania

UAU founder Vanessa Singerzia takes an intuitive approach to ceramics, which means she allows her intuition to guide her in the creative process. Her objects are usually irregular in shape and evoke emotions from the user. The Cluj-Napoca brand’s palette is becoming more and more colorful and it is also engaged in lamp production.

Photos: UAU

Leyla Ceramics | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Trzask Ceramics | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Fenek Studio | Web | Facebook | Instagram | Web | Facebook | Instagram
UAU | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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