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Boho light sources | TOP 5

One of the most playful decor elements is undoubtedly the lamp: be it minimalist, modern or colorful, it definitely embodies the triad of function, art and technology, while also expressing our style. This is why sometimes incredibly extreme solutions can be created that are not only aesthetic, but also fun. In the following selection, we gathered the unusual lamp brands in which the special design and the joy of life go hand in hand.

UAU | Romania

The UAU studio in Cluj-Napoca mainly deals with ceramic production. Vanessa Singerzia, the founder of the brand, creates her products with an intuitive approach, which have recently included lamps. Like her other objects, they also have irregular, colorful and playful features that reflect the brand.

Womodesign | Turkey

Two Turkish brothers got an idea and founded their own brand in 2015, which deals not only with luminaires but also with all kinds of design furniture. Their main philosophy is to combine creativity as much as possible with functionality while having an inspiring effect on people’s feelings. We would like to highlight two colorful pieces from their collection: the products called Venus and Marshmallow are made of concrete, one hundred percent hand-worked.

Boris Klimek | Czech Republic

Have you ever looked at the Sun through green glass? Or have you ever tried to distort reality through colored lenses? Among other things, the designs of Boris Klimek imply feelings like this: the Lollipop collection includes transparency and the charm of the senses.

LumoConcept | Hungary

At first, it is refined and simple, yet distinctive: the group of engineers and designers at LumoConcept in Budapest, who cope with all design challenges, so that their products reflect an unusual approach.

Nika Zupanc | Slovenia

The name of the Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc is associated with a lot of playful products, one of which is the Cherry lamp, which undoubtedly fits perfectly into our selection. According to Nika, every cherry in the world has been blessed with a simple and mysterious form that results in a kindly cheeky look.

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