Luxury cabins in the treetops | TreeHouses

Luxury cabins in the treetops | TreeHouses

There is an increasing demand for escaping and relaxing near nature, free from all the buzz – even if only for a couple of days. We don’t have to travel too far to unwind in an inspiring environment. Noszvaj is a perfect destination, and the TreeHouses cabins offer perfect conditions for relaxation, all through the year on top. Let’s see the details!

The Noszvaj area with a unique atmosphere lies a few kilometers from Eger. The natural properties of the place, the mountains and forests are already appealing to those looking for a place to rest by themselves, not to mention the fact that this is where we can breathe the cleanest air in the country.

TreeHouses, this characteristic resort complex fading into its environment is located in the southern valley of the Bükk Mountain, next to the Síkfőkút lakes. The idea itself came from Péter Maliga and Viktor Dévényi, who had known each other since high school, and had been to Noszvaj many times before they launched their joint business. Viktor has already run a guest house here previously, so it was obvious that they would love to establish an accommodation with a unique concept, available in all four seasons on this area. Péter is in charge of marketing and communication, while Viktor runs the resorts.

The luxury cabins of TreeHouses has been available since December 2017. They started off with four units, but owing to the great success, they have expanded the selection with three additional cabins, and they contacted Eger-based ARKT Architecture Studio to implement these.

A key objective in the course of designing the treehouses was to create high quality houses in great harmony with the forest environment. The cabins installed amidst the trees, almost hidden in them, reach to canopy layer, all of them are outfitted with a glazed facade, thus offering a spectacular view over the surrounding landscape. Their clean exterior is paired with a romantic interior serving a higher category.

We can choose from two types of cabins: at the beginning, they created treehouses standing on legs, with a living space of only 27 square meters, where the various functions are condensed into a relatively small area. “We didn’t want to amaze people with the size of the houses, but with their looks and furnishings” – Péter and Viktor added.

The other type of cabin is tower-like and recalls the atmosphere of observation points, with a space structure evolving level by level.

It was designed particularly for couples looking for a hideaway. In addition to the various comfort functions, each unit has a private, outdoor jacuzzi on the terrace. If all this wasn’t enough, the interior of tower treehouses is complemented with an infra sauna, and those looking for a community experience can also use a panorama sauna offering a splendid view over the Síkfőkút lakes.

In order to further enhance the comfort of guests, TreeHouses also cater for our breakfast needs, as they bring a breakfast box prepared from local treats every morning.

If you’d also like to rest actively in addition to disconnecting, Noszvaj offers countless possibilities: paragliding, horse-riding or hiking in the Bükk National Park nearby. TreeHouses also provides bicycles if you’d like to explore the area more.

Go and spend a weekend in the TreeHouses cabins in Noszvaj! Book your trip here. Make sure you plan ahead!

Photos: Balázs Danyi

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