Motto: Freedom! — Sweaters designed by our favorite creatives in the George Freedom collection

Motto: Freedom! — Sweaters designed by our favorite creatives in the George Freedom collection

The names Anna Amélie, Renyagyár, Levente Szabó, and Csaba Klement may sound familiar, and by now, more and more people know who and what George is: the banking of the future, Erste’s internet banking and mobile app service. In a collaboration between Hype&Hyper and George, we asked the above-mentioned creatives to design a unique sweater in the spirit of freedom for the new customers who open a student account by the end of September and manage their finances via George App and Web.

If you ask a hundred people to name what they associate with the word summer, we bet ninety-nine will mention freedom. Students in particular, who can experience it all the more thanks to the summer holidays. For this reason, Erste’s summer campaign, in addition to showcasing George, highlighted the free spirit of summer in the form of unique designer sweaters in a mini collection called George Freedom.

The designers, who are also well-known and respected figures of the Hungarian creative scene, have created their graphics for the stylish sweaters based on the concept of freedom. Let’s see what youth and freedom mean to them and how it inspired their work!

Renyagyár (Renáta Biacsics):

“My graphic symbolizes the instinctive solidarity between young people. From a social point of view, the epidemic and the recent period have also placed young people in a tough situation, as they were affected by the restrictions in their lives when social life and personal impulses are the most important in their day-to-day lives. My scene depicts a group of friends who meet again in person after a long time. I have tried to emphasize the valorization of everyday events that were once taken for granted. Through the diversity of the characters, I also wanted to point out my insight that future generations have the chance to grow up in a healthier society whose values are not limited to superficialities, unlike the generational values of the past in a general sense.”


Levente Szabó:

“The theme was freedom, and for me, the clouds and the sky are the absolute freedom, so it was only natural that I should somehow capture flying. As well as the exciting colors and shapes of hot air balloons, there’s something really sublime about their slow progress, especially when a whole group of them is flying across the sky. It was a thrilling challenge to meet the technical demands and, at the same time, create a design that I would love to wear. I hope that others will be happy to wear a little piece of the sky too.”


Anna Amélie (Anna Oláh):

“For me, the theme meant the freedom to create and the chance to meet up again with friends and people close to me. My usual line drawing technique was the base, and the pattern symbolizes human relationships, diversity, and togetherness.”


Csaba Klement:

“For some reason, this image popped immediately into my mind when we were given a free hand to create freely under the theme freedom. The last year has taught me that you can feel and enjoy freedom on your own, make your own decisions, don’t have to compromise, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want (which was not the case last year). The other two inspirations also come from the expression ‘free’. Being outside in the open air and the endless freedom of imagination. The former was made all the more valuable because it was the only program option for months. My own relation is that I also have double-row roller skates, and I am not afraid to use them.”


More details about the campaign and the conditions for opening an account can be found on Erste’s official website.

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