Not just a background noise | The Hype&Hyper team's favorite podcasts

Not just a background noise | The Hype&Hyper team's favorite podcasts

In the past few years, it seemed as though podcasts were sprouting out from the ground like mushrooms—and with the pandemic, the situation only escalated. Of course, this is something we can all benefit from, as there’s practically not a single topic that doesn’t already have its own talk show, so all we need to do is find the ones we’re most interested in! On the last day of our DIALOG thematic month, we’d like to present some of our favorites, which can be fun to listen to while you’re on the go or doing sports!

Let’s talk about Myths, baby!

I only recently came across the Let’s talk about Myths, baby! podcast, which made my day. For years, I’ve been looking for content on Instagram and other platforms where I can learn about Greek mythology from a completely different perspective. I reckon that learning about the mythical world—besides providing you with fundamental knowledge—can also be inspiring in life’s small, mundane moments, as well as being a nice escape from everyday life.

Roberta Bertók, Editor

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

I’m an object freak (as you may have spotted based on our previous OBJECTIVE themed month), and I like to collect even the most mundane objects, such as a Tabasco sauce bottle, a plastic lemon squeezer, a condensed milk bottle or a box of Bear cheese, and these are just some of the objects that have found a place on the shelf above my desk. I find everyday objects fascinating, as it’s often these objects we know the least about in regard to their history and origins. This is also why I love the book by economist Tim Harford, titled “50 Things That Made the Modern Economy” which was published in English (in Hungarian version is titled „A csecsemőtápszer, a radar és a kettős könyvelés – Hogyan formálja az innováció a gazdaságot?). Thankfully, the fascinating stories about the history and origins of, for example, the tin can, pencil, lift, plastic and cellophane, as well as the impact of these inventions on the economy, are also available in the form of podcasts, which also includes extra episodes that were left out from the book.

Kitti Mayer, Editor, Project Manager

Politico’s EU Confidential

The continent’s number one podcast—as well as being one of the best political podcasts on Brussels gossip and events—makes you feel like you’re on the front line. It brings us closer to the European Union and also helps us understand what the EU really is, which can be fun for some and work for others.

Barna Heincz, Editor

Scratching the Surface

Listening to podcasts hasn’t become a part of my daily routine—but when I do start one, it gets my full attention, so it definitely doesn’t play as background noise. I love the Scratching the Surface podcast, where Jarrett Fuller talks to designers, architects, theorists, curators and artists about the culture-shaping power of design. They usually walk through the life of an industry expert and it’s always inspiring to hear their thoughts. New episodes come out on a weekly basis, and in the past five years, there have been over 200 programs with guests such as Paola Antonelli, Michael Bierut and Aric Chen.

Noémi Viski, Editor, Intern Project Coordinator

Drama Queens

During my teenage years, I was a huge fan of One Tree Hill, so I was super happy when last year the three female leads, Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush, started a podcast together to discuss each episode of the series in detail—often bringing in extra guests—with lots of behind-the-scenes details. Their conversations bring back fond memories, so I like to listen to them while running around town.

Réka Kovács-Vass, Copy Editor

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