Our favorite cosmetics brands in the region | TOP 5

Our favorite cosmetics brands in the region | TOP 5

The stress caused by the rush of everyday life, the lack of sleep and the resulting exhaustion do not have a good effect on our health, which after a while becomes visible on our face. That is why it is extremely important to pay due attention to skincare, despite the lack of time. In our selection today, we present Eastern European cosmetics brands that, in addition to high-quality ingredients, also place great emphasis on stylish appearance, thus encouraging regular beauty care.

Geek and Gorgeous | Hungary

Judit Rácz, the founder of the Krémmánia and Skinsmart conscious skincare websites, swears by clinically proven ingredients used by dermatologists, so when she created her latest brand, Geek and Gorgeous, she was looking for formulas free of controversial ingredients, preceded by years of research and countless tests of creams. The ingredients in chemical exfoliants and various vitamin serums are highlighted on the boxes to help ensure transparency and gain the trust of customers.

Photos: geekandgorgeous.com

SOFI | Serbia

Oranges, coconut, rosemary, cinnamon, cocoa, and mint—just a few of the myriad essential oils found in the products of the Serbian cosmetics brand, SOFI. Although the brand is gaining popularity, lip balms and body lotions that play with combinations of exotic fruits and a variety of spices are still made in the name of simplicity and naturalness, using old craft techniques.

Photos: Tatjana Zlatkovic

Ministerstwo | Poland

Originally specialized in the production of soaps, the two-person family business began to expand its offer thanks to a successful competition. Among the cosmetics of the Polish Ministerstwo, which has a simple black and white identity, today we can find many new products, from cleansing tonics to herbal shampoos, which have been sold not only on the shelves of Polish stores but also in German and Luxembourg drugstores.

Photos: ministerstwodobregomydla.pl

Mylo | Slovakia

For a long time, the Slovak Mylo, which avoids artificial substances completely, did not deal with the appearance of its cosmetics. The color illustrations, handwriting-like font, and hard-to-read logo were later replaced by a minimalist yet elegant and sophisticated design that harmonizes perfectly with the brand-defined strategy of purity and naturalness.

Photos: behance.net

Dalú Natural Skincare | Slovenia

In the case of Dalú, a Slovenian distributor of natural cosmetics that is at the forefront of environmental protection, the sustainable operation is just as important as the mapping of the raw ingredients used in production, therefore, in addition to the exclusion of animal testing, the greening of packaging has not lagged behind since the brand was founded in 2019. Jars made of degradable materials can be collected selectively, and bottles containing creams can be recycled at any time.

Photos: dalubeauty.com

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Ministerstwo | Web | Facebook | Instagram
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Dalú Natural Skincare | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Source: Behance, Skinsmart, VoguePoland

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