Photobooks for under the tree | Regional Gift Guide

Photobooks for under the tree | Regional Gift Guide

The year 2022 has once again seen the publication of some exceptional photobooks by artists from Central and Eastern Europe, and others choosing the region as their subject. We have included some of our favorites in today’s selection.

Bára Prášilová: Circles

Surreal and bizarre images, with a touch of humor—we wrote last year about Bára Prášilová’s series Circles, whose central motif is the circle, the circle of life, gender, and age. This year, the series is finally released as an album.

Bára Prášilová | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Zuzana Pustaiová: One Day Every Day

Zuzana Pustaiová’s first photobook is an ironic take on how social norms and stereotypes affect—sometimes harmfully—the everyday life of the individual.

Zuzana Pustaiová | Web | Instagram

Yelena Yemchuk: Odesa

Yelena Yemchuk grew up in Kyiv and when she first visited Odesa, she was fascinated by this city of contradictions. She returned in 2015 and spent four years photographing the city and its people—the book is the photographer’s visual ode to Odesa.

Yelena Yemchuk | Web / Gost | Web

Mariusz Forecki: Kurz

Mariusz Forecki has assembled his photographs in the photobook Kurz, depicting the final period of the former Soviet Union’s existence and the emergence of a new socio-political order.

Mariusz Forecki | Web | Instagram

Robin Graubard: Road to Nowhere

In the first half of the 1990s, after the break-up of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, Robin Graubard traveled through the Balkans and Eastern Europe to show the raw reality of the conflicts and changes in the region. Almost thirty years later, Loose Joints has published a book of his images, something we have also covered.

Loose Joints | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Hans van der Meer: Minor Mysteries

We’ve written about Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer’s photographs of Budapest in the 1980s, some of which had never been seen before. The riddles and questions behind the grotesque situations can now be unraveled flipping through the pages.

Hans van der Meer | Web

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