SQUARE-ANGLE – Sándor Kányádi

SQUARE-ANGLE – Sándor Kányádi

The earth tilted, borders are being drawn in sharp angles by black ink, the purple shade of a scarf, perhaps, on top of the strict lines.  If above me, if below, like an island in the sky. I live here. Budapest.
A series by Ferenc Forrai.

Sándor Kányádi was born on May 10, 1929.


forró katlan,
a hőség ki-

Minden ház, mint
egy-egy kályha,
s mintha lépnél
eleven parázsra.

Se egy szellő,
se egy felhő,
se nyugatról
se keletről.

A nap mintha
megállt volna,
az éjnek is
nap a holdja.

S az utak, mint

s ugranának,
ha nem volna
híd alattuk,
a folyóba.

Square-angle is a symbol of togetherness. The belonging and identity of nations is presented by the unique code system of the series formed by shapes and colors through the literature of the Visegrad countries. Citizens, four times: Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest. Four cities, four colors, one section. Making four cities of four countries four-angled; a common conglomerate.

The latest parts of Square-angle released on HYPEANDHYPER are about Budapest.

The parts already released can be read HERE.

Our interview made with Ferenc Forrai in relation to the Square-angle series under the title “Squares of Budapest with a view” can be read HERE.

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