#stayhomecreative | Show your outfit!

#stayhomecreative | Show your outfit!

The epidemic has not only changed our daily routines, it also bears a significant effect on how we dress. And the best outfits within the four walls? Pink fur coat, crown, bathing suit, panties or gowns, sometimes spiced up with a white shirt. We never thought comfortable attire could be so diverse.

In the latest part of our #stayhomecreative series, we asked creators to show us the clothes they spend their everydays in during the lockdown.

Áron Bodnár | Instagram

Anett Hajdú | Instagram

Amanda Hertelendi | Instagram

Márk Juhász | Instagram

Benjámin Kalászi | Instagram

Annaliza Kiss (lifeannalized) | Instagram

Lúcia Mészáros (illuxtratgirl) | Instagram

Roland Molnár | Instagram

Mária Csenge Olajos (yo.self) | Instagram

Judit Orosz | Instagram

Virág Papp (Virágéknál) | Instagram

Theodóra Pásztor | Instagram

Réka Anna Szakály | Instagram

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#stayhomecreative | Home canteen

In our #stayhomecreative mini series, we ask creators whose work we like and keep an eye on and whom you should follow, too!

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