Support Hungarian design! | HOME DECOR

Support Hungarian design! | HOME DECOR

The coronavirus brought countless changes in our lives. Many beloved design brands are also at risk. Just like them, we also believe in the added value of Hungarian design. Our article series presents Hungarian small enterprises who could even make your days spent in quarantine a little bit better with their unique products. Browse through the cool design stuff and be a supporter of Hungarian design!


CSŐ! launched by Luca Patkós is a poster series giving new life to the old neon advertising signs of Budapest. By purchasing the screen printed posters, you support the restoration of a chosen neon sign. Last time, for example, the FÜRDŐ (bath) in Kürt utca got a refresh. You can read our interview made with Luca here. It’s a must for Budapest fans!

We recommend these (clink on the product’s name):


50×70 cm screen printed poster, HUF 7,990


50×70 cm screen printed poster, HUF 7,990

Óvatosság, Türelem, Udvariasság

50×70 cm screen printed poster, HUF 7,990

Would you like to check the other posters, too? Go and take a look around the online store!

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The unique tableware of Ádám Csaba Szabó has set foot in many Hungarian fine dining restaurants. Of course, the special pieces of ceramics cannot only be used in Michelin star places, but in the kitchens of those sensitive to style, too. Each and every item is unique and unrepeatable. Wood fired ceramic bowls, works of art and everything in between, from stone and porcelain. They are suitable for both professional and household use, and are also dishwasher-proof.

Would you like to see more? Go and take a look around in the online store!

If you are interested in the pieces presented on his Instagram feed, contact the designer via e-mail.

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We can enjoy the special products of Anita Nyirő and Anita Jacsó since 2013. The artist duo creates and renovates home decor pieces in a merry and playful interpretation. Their product palette includes different lamps, chairs, benches, kids’ furniture and kitchen towels, each and every one of which will make you smile, for sure. Every piece is unique. May it be a potato stamp garland or a cute tent for children, you won’t be disappointed.

We recommend these:

„Google maps” rolling chair

Vintage rolling chair in very good condition, with renovated upholstery based on Google Maps coordinates / Price: HUF 130,000

„Circus” lamp

Original vintage hanger renovated, cable with metal and textile coating / Price: HUF 25,000

„Mountain teepee” tent for kids

Height: 170 cm, stone-washed grey denim and wood / Price: HUF 60,000

Do you want more? Go and take a look around in the online store!

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MOHA design

Ádám Molnár launched his own brand in 2013, which focuses on designing and manufacturing limited series design concrete products. His palette includes home decor accessories, smaller household objects and jewelry, too. The pieces are manufactured in Szentendre. In times of peace, you can find the concrete products of MOHA at design fairs and the shelves of design stores, and currently you can choose your favorite decorative objects on the brand’s website.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Polygon concrete wall clock

30 cm, concrete, HUF 16,900 (with free delivery within Hungary)

Concrete stoppers in pair

6,5 x 8 cm, concrete-cork, HUF 3,200

Blump concrete lamp

16,7 x 15,7 cm, concrete-brass/aluminum textile, HUF 26,900 (free delivery within Hungary)

Would you like to see more? Go and take a look around in the online store!

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The founder of the brand is Rita Diósi, who obtains the raw materials for her hand-made macramés from a rope factory near Lenti, and a Polish family small business helps her in procuring other recycled materials. Rita ties the memories of her travels abroad into the wall decorations with countless variations of knots, which she many times complements with objects found at these locations and taken home. She thinks that not even the most moderate flat jungle can exist without potholders, so she also creates potholders of different size, color and shape based on individual orders, tailored to the clients’ needs. Recently she is the most passionate about objects created for children: indoor swing, baby mobiles, baby gyms/play rugs. Some of them already have a prototype. Rita’s motto: any kind of potholder in any size!

We recommend these:

Table runner no.1

112×24 cm (with fringes), 100% recycled twisted cotton string

Coaster no.1.

25×55 cm with fringes, 100% twisted cotton string

Flower/herbs holder (without glass)

80 cm with fringes, 100% twisted cotton string

Would you like to order? Contact the designer via Instagram!

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Vándor Studio

Vándor Studio was inspired by the founder’s love for weaving and the belief that the home textiles made out of natural fabrics help create a harmonious home. The materials are primarily made out of wool, cotton or linen in the studio with hand weaving techniques, or by collaborating with European manufactures with small series methods. We have already wrote about the woven wool collection of Krisztina Vándor in a previous article.

The product range of the online store is continuously expanded: kitchen textiles and pillows will also be available soon, and you can expect many more beautiful blankets, too. It might be worth ordering now, as the home textiles are made in small collections, and only a limited number is available of them.

Do you like Krisztina Vándor’s products? Go and take a look around in the online store!

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The youHU! brand founded by Dorottya Kiss designs and manufactures different household objects (furniture, lamps, home and wearable accessories). A few years ago, they also ventured into a special field of gastronomy: they also make products and exciting installations for the areas of quality beverage consumption (decanter, pouring structures, offering stands). In addition to basic practicability, the user experience of the objects is the most important for them, so they also add a little twist to their products, serving the little joys of life.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name) :

X stitch table lamp

160x160x160 mm, plexiglas, yellow brass, HUF 22,490

X stitch stud earring

25mmx25mm, plexiglas, steel with hypoallergenic rhodium coating, HUF 2,490

X stitch dangle earring

35mmx55mm, plexiglas, steel with hypoallergenic rhodium coating, HUF 2,990

Would you like to see more? Go and take a look around in the online store!

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