Eastern Europe's favorite tea brands | TOP 5

Eastern Europe's favorite tea brands | TOP 5

Consumption of tea is topical in all seasons, as it feels good when it is both cold and warm, at any time of the day. If you also like to go with your eyes open and discover new brands, we recommend this compilation for you, as we gathered small and large family businesses and tea brands from Eastern Europe that are organic and provide a unique tea experience. Let’s see!

White Peony | Czech Republic

Luxury, eco-friendly and modern: these are the key features of the White Peony brand. Compared to the usual in-store tea packaging, we really think of luxury and elegance about their products, and they also invest a lot of energy in the production of teas.

Photos: White Peony

Herbatea manufaktúra | Hungary

Behind Herbatea is an enthusiastic family working to make healthy delicacies from assorted herbs native to the Carpathian Basin. In addition to tea blends, they also make exciting honeys, spices and syrups, all without added preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Photos: Herbatea manufaktúra

Moya Matcha | Poland

The Polish-Japanese tea brand Moya Matcha is a great success in Europe: it is no coincidence that the brand works from the best organic ingredients that come straight from Kyoto to Warsaw.

Photos: Moya Matcha, Marianna Medyńska

Sonnentor | Austria

The brand has been producing herbs and spices completely organically and free of palm oil since 1988. In addition to good raw materials, great attention is also paid to making the packaging plastic-free.

Photos: Sonnentor

Čajnica CHAI  | Slovenia

Slovenian Čajnica CHAI tea selection is diverse, and they also have many other exciting products in addition to tea: supplements, spices and immune-boosting drinks.

Fotók: Cajnica Chai

White Peony | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Herbatea manufaktúra | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Moya Matcha | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Sonnentor | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Čajnica CHAI  | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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