The best zero waste brands in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The best zero waste brands in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Considering sustainability is now not only a basic requirement for a successful brand, but it’s often not enough. The combination of authenticity, commitment to the goal, and love for the products can truly work wonders. This selection does not focus on slow fashion, but on everyday objects and products that are part of our everyday lives. We present sustainable and zero waste brands and products that are useful, aesthetic and unique in addition to their green image.

TEABAG | Rakovík, Czech Republic

Pavla Zimmermannova designed her handbag collection called TEABAG during her studies. The shape of the bags was inspired by the shape of the tea filter, and the materials used for them come from upholstery workshop waste.


Upcycling at home | Vienna, Austria

A table from traffic signs, a pouffe from books: Gabarage knows no bounds about recycling. One man’s trash is their treasure. They make really functional consumer goods out of waste and donations. In addition to their function, due to their design and good quality, these objects are also perfectly suitable as home furnishing items.

Photos: Gabarage

DURCA | Budapest, Hungary

The girls behind DURCA see fantasy in every textile so that another unique and colorful hair tie—scrunchie—can be born from it. The starting point can be tailoring waste or other remaining material. The flax or cotton materials to be thrown away are dyed with plants—the imprint of an onion peel or a flower petal really makes every hair tie unique.

Photos: DURCA

Eco-friendly yoga mattresses | Slovakia

Pepe & Wolf’s creator and designer, Slovak graphic designer Dominika Kramerova, says that something can be practical and really beautiful at the same time. The mattresses of the brand are modern versions of an otherwise simple object—their mattresses with coverings of eye-catching graphic designs are also environmentally friendly, made of soft microfiber and biodegradable rubber.

Photos: Pepe & Wolf

Organic cleaning products | Poland

BALJA goes back to the origins in cleaning. They combine natural and effective ingredients with modern solutions and possibilities: all this is motivated by attention to nature. One hundred percent biodegradable products are produced, chemicals are replaced by ingredients of plant origins.

Photos: BALJA

Source: greencityguide, designandpaper

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