The Czech Grand Design awards were handed over

The Czech Grand Design awards were handed over

On April 21, Wednesday, the winners of the Czech Grand Design were announced. Acoustic panels evoking the lunar eclipse, a capsule-shaped lamp family and the exciting and fresh brand identity of The Museum of Czech Literature are all among the winning projects. Let’s see the complete list!

We have reported on the most important Czech design competition, the Czech Grand Design awards last year, and it didn’t slip our minds to follow the live stream this year, either, where the very bests of Czech design were announced in eight categories. This was the 15th time that they have rewarded excellent designers and manufacturers. Among the nominees, one can easily find multiple designers who have already appeared in HYPEANDHYPER articles—here, we have to mention the designer duo of the brand IHOR, Anna Marešová, who reimagined Tatra T3 trams but have also designed period cups, and the team of, who created Prague’s new public transportation identity. Let’s see, who the winners are this year!

Photographer of the Year:

Illustrators of the Year: Veronika Vlková and Jan Šrámek

Graphic Designer of the Year: 20YY Designers

Designer of the Year: Herrmann & Coufal

Fashion Designer of the Year: Jakub Polanka

Jewelry Designer of the Year: Zdeněk Vacek

Discovery of the Year: Lappa studio

Manufacturer of the Year: Kubák textile mill

Life Achievement Award: Jiří Pelcl product designer

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