The most beautiful bakeries in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The most beautiful bakeries in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

There is little better than the smell and taste of freshly baked bakery goods, perhaps only if quality coffee is made accompanying them: in our selection today we present you five artisanal bakeries where the excellent delicacies are made even more tempting by special locations.

Przystanek Piekarnia | Warsaw, Poland

Perhaps the busiest bakeries in Warsaw are the shops of Przystanek Piekarnia, located throughout the city. Quality baked goods and uniquely designed interiors together create perfect harmony.

Photos: Piotr Narewski

Chez Matild | Budapest, Hungary

Located in the heart of Gellért Hill, Chez Matild combines French bakery traditions with Hungarian flavors. From the original baguette to the homemade túrós batyu (sweet ricotta parcel), all real artisanal pastries can be found here, along with coffee. A slice of France in Budapest.

Photos: Welovebudapest, Chez Matild

Chleba se solí | Prague, Czech Republic

Chleba se solí in Prague has a similarly homely and rustic atmosphere, where traditional Czech specialties are reinterpreted with the utmost care.


Aromat | Warsaw, Poland

Among the many excellent bakeries in Warsaw, another high-quality chain is Aromat, which, like Przystanek Piekarnia, supplies several parts of the city with fresh baked goods and quality coffee.

Photos: Aromat

Eska | Prague, Czech Republic

The fifth place on our list is Eska, also from Prague, which is almost a cult place among the locals due to its special design. The multi-story, fully interconnected hall also has a restaurant with an open kitchen, a bakery, a café and a convenience store. This diversity has been counterbalanced by excellent aesthetics by the designers, creating a transition between a utopian canteen and an elegant restaurant.

Photos: Eska

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Eska | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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