The most modern swimming pools | TOP 5

The most modern swimming pools | TOP 5

Summer is still on, so here we are with a waterfront topic again: in our selection today, we can jump into the modern interiors and exteriors of five swimming pools, and we also recommend diving in them for advanced swimmers.

Gyarmati Dezső Swimming Pool | Hungary

We start our list with the Gyarmati Dezső Swimming Pool in Budapest, which is at the forefront in all respects, so much so that the architecture studio that designed the swimming pool was recently nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award for the project. They will throw their hat into the ring for recognition in 2022, and we are very supportive!

Photos: Zsolt Batár

Vukovar Swimming Pool | Croatia

Our second-place winner is located in Croatia. The modern, matte gray exterior of the Vukovar Swimming Pool hides a vibrant interior, where bright colors and playful internal spaces all encourage movement.

Photos: Bosnić+Dorotić, Marko Mihaljevic

Strandbad Lochau | Austria

Our third stop is the Austrian Lochau, whose lake is a popular beach, so no wonder this modern lido is also built right next to the lake, from where we only have to take a few steps to be in the water.

Photos: Adolf Bereuter

Tiszavirág Swimming Pool | Hungary

Once again, swimming in Hungarian waters, we reach the new pride of Szeged, the Tiszavirág Swimming Pool. With its dynamic design and modern equipment, the complex debuted as one of the best swimming pools in Hungary in February this year.

Photos: Norbert Juhász

Litomyšl Swimming Pool | Czech Republic

We close our list with the swimming pool of the small town of Litomyšl in the Czech Republic, which is a perfect example of how even small spaces can be made exciting with dynamic lines.

Photos: Tomáš Malý

Gyarmati Dezső Swimming Pool | Web | Facebook
Vukovar Swimming Pool | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Strandbad Lochau | Web
Tiszavirág Swimming Pool | Web | Facebook
Litomyšl Swimming Pool | Web | Facebook

Source: Arch Daily, Építészfórum

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