Vote for your favorite building in Budapest!

Vote for your favorite building in Budapest!

Déli Railway Terminal, the Újpalotai Apartment Tower, the Endre Ady Cultural Center in Újpest, the OKISZ Headquarters, the Planetarium—five buildings in Budapest we have also explored previously. Now it’s up to you to decide which of these buildings you’d like to see on HYPEANDHYPER’s new print! Scroll down and vote for your favorite!

We miss the urban walks on which we could get to know iconic representatives of our modern architectural heritage very much. In the course of the walking tours organized by the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center, we could learn more about the emblematic buildings related to the Othernity project. We explored the Déli Railway Terminal, which is familiar to many of us, under the blazing sun, we climbed the Újpalota Apartment Tower rising high up to the sky, we took a peek through the fence of the boarded-up Endre Ady Cultural Center in Újpest, we tried the paternoster lift in the OKISZ Headquarters and gazed at the Planetarium hidden in Népliget.

In the meantime, we also got to know architect-graphic designer Boróka Felső (read our previous article here), who designed spectacular prints featuring prominent buildings such as the Fehér Galamb House designed by Csaba Virág or the National Electric Power Distribution Station destined for demolition. And what’s the importance of all this?

Longing after Othernity’s walks and seeing Boróka Felső’s prints, we decided that we wanted to pay homage to the emblematic representatives of modern architecture in our own way and so we called to life HYPEANDHYPER’s own print collection. In the series dubbed “Othernity Collection by Boróka Felső”, first the audience gets to choose the Othernity building that will be featured on the limited edition posters designed by Boróka Felső. The audience will have a week to vote for the five buildings, and the building that receives the most votes will be available in HYPEANDHYPER’s online store in the form of a print, around May.

In the spirit of nostalgia, and to encourage architecture fans to vote, now we’ll brush up the great walks of the past. At the bottom of the page you’ll also find the link where you can cast your vote (we’ll announce the results of the vote on HYPEANDHYPER’s Facebook and Instagram pages on April 13).

Click on the building’s name to relive the urban walk!

Déli Railway Terminal
Architect: György Kővári

Újpalotai Apartment House
Architect: Tibor Tenke

Endre Ady Cultural Center in Újpest
Architect: István Ferencz

OKISZ Headquarters
Architect: János Mónus

Architects: László Lux, Tamás Tömöri

Vote for your favorite here!

Photos: Balázs Mohai and Balázs Csizik

Othernity | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Boróka Felső Design | Facebook | Instagram

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