Wine brings people together | Le Tour de Dúzsi

Wine brings people together | Le Tour de Dúzsi

The feeling of cycling, youthfulness and friendly gatherings in a bottle of wine – the label design of the red wine titled Le Tour de Dúzsi portrays one of the most important things about wine: how it brings people together.

Tamás Dúzsi and his family established their family business in Szekszárd in 1994. The majority of the vineyards of Dúzsi winery are located in Sióagárd, a village near Szekszárd: the grapevines perfectly suitable for making premium rosé are situated in Lányvár-dűlő, while the vines providing the finest red wines of Szekszárd can be found in Görögszó-dűlő. In making their red wines, they strive for complexity, and carefully combine the local notes characteristic of Szekszárd with world varieties like Merlot, Cabernet or Pinot Noir.

The Le Tour de Dúzsi has formed part of their repertoire for a long time. As a former road cyclist, Tamás Dúzsi invites wine-lovers to an imaginary cycling tour with this red wine infused with a cherry and sour cherry aroma: a bottle of Le Tour de Dúzsi offers a flavor created by marrying Blaufränkisch, Merlot, Cabernet and Zweigelt Szekszárdi wines.

Tamás Dúzsi Jr. asked Anna Hidvégi and Kira Koroknai to reinvent their previous label with a fresh and new approach.

“The idea of young people riding a tandem bike came from the cross-section of friendly gatherings and wine-drinking, blending the most characteristic varieties of the region and cycling. As the winery wanted an illustrated label, we started to think about a fresh and joyful drawing, matching the atmosphere of the wine well” – Anna and Kira told us.

The designer duo has already worked on various wine labels together: including the design made for the Merlot Rozé of Dúzsi winery and the labels of the most popular wines of Sebestyén winery. The clean and characteristic typographic and layout solutions displayed on the label are topped off by Aliz Buzás’s illustration. Finally Benjámin Kalászi made an animation complementing the visual identity of the label:

“When we asked Aliz to create the drawing, we only insisted on using the tandem bike motif, and gave a free hand to her in everything else. We also trusted her with creating the characters and the style, we wanted a youthful, simple but great illustration” – they added.

A Merlot Rozé version will also be made of Le Tour de Dúzsi with the same label design concept. The wine will be available in stores soon.

Photos: Kevin Harald Campean

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