Winter shelters in the realm of snow | TOP 5

Winter shelters in the realm of snow | TOP 5

In our selection today, we have collected cabins and close-to-nature accommodations that are particularly well-suited to the snow-capped landscape. There are ski and hiking trails nearby for winter sports enthusiasts. Starting with our neighbors, our collection also covers Scandinavia and Chile.

Vardehaugen | Norway

The black, asymmetrical hut is located deep in the alpine forest near Lillehammer. Its shape is inspired by the classic motif of snow-capped cabins, only the tops of which are visible from the snow. When the snow covers the structure, the line between architecture and nature blurs and the roof becomes an artificial ski slope for ski jumping, sledding hills and other snowy activities. Despite the compact floor plan (55m2), the cabin looks spacious from the inside thanks to the sloping roof and various lifts. And from the main bedroom and mezzanine, you can see the stars and the northern lights.

Iragüen Viñuela Arquitectos | Chile

The foundations of an earlier, unfinished construction project have been reused in this Chilean holiday home, which can accommodate up to twelve guests. The two-story chalet is located next to River Cautín, not far from Corralco, famous for its long snow season. The platform of the house was built on a small forest clearing, without cutting down trees, right at the top of the peninsula to be surrounded by the river. Spectacular views of the four compass points, beyond the river to the forest and the hillside. The gray wooden beams in the interior also resonate in their tones, which is made warm by elements such as the rust-colored wall weave of the bedroom.

Ark-shelter | Slovakia

The minimalist forest cabin group was designed for the Bjornson Hotel and could be the perfect location to start the winter with a large family or a larger group of friends. The forest and the Jasná ski resort are within easy reach of the intimate surroundings, but the hotel’s infrastructure is also easily accessible. Each cottage consists of two separate modules that can be connected by sliding the partition walls. The structures themselves are on piles so that the landscape can flow and breathe underneath.

Studio Puisto | Finland

A hut built near the Salamajärvi National Park in Finland is the reinterpretation of the ancient Niliaitta, a high-rise wooden house that was used by the Sámi natives to store food safely. The architects wanted to pay tribute to the history of the Sámi culture in the area, while at the same time creating a place that gives visitors a sense of detachment from the outside world.

Firm Architekten | Austria

Completely refurbished and expanded in 2006, the hotel is designed to cater to locals and guests alike. The peaceful exterior of the Hotel Gasthof Adler fits perfectly into the view of the Austrian village, while the interior is surprisingly contemporary. The new hotel rooms feature ash wood floors, lime-plastered walls and ceilings, with elf furniture and dark green velvet sofas.

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