Animal-themed objects to put on or under your Christmas Tree | Regional Gift Guide

Animal-themed objects to put on or under your Christmas Tree | Regional Gift Guide

Animals are cute. Even if they are not always like that in real life, a designer can make them look adorable at any time, and alll we have to do is choose our favorite animal-themed object.

Minka Klbečková

Thanks to Slovakian Minka Klbečková, you can hang practically any animal on your Christmas tree as an ornament: pig, deer, unicorn, dinosaur... It’s time to spice up the traditional bulb collection!

Minka Klbečková | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Veronika Zacharová & Czechdesign

A collaboration between Czech designer Veronika Zacharová and Czechdesign, these minimalist purple chickens, available on T-shirts and posters, will instantly brighten your day up. Not just for poultry fans!

Veronika Zacharová | Web | Instagram
Czechdesign | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Papetri Paperworks

The Hungarian Papetri is workshop engaged in the production of paper products. All items are handmade, and the pieces are decorated with squirrels and birds in Christmas spirit.

Papetri Paperworks | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Jakub Zasada

Jakub Zasada carries on the finest traditions of the renowned Polish poster art—and his posters are full of animals: dogs, cats, birds, and fish.

Jakub Zasada | Web | Instagram


The Macedonian Esnaf offers a selection of hand-painted ceramic mugs decorated with cat heads, handmade animal pins, and even butterfly brooches made of silver.

Esnaf | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Esnaf Toys

The Bulgarian Esnaf Toys delights both children and adults with wooden animal toy figures.

Esnaf Toys | Web | Facebook | Instagram

GUNIA Project

We have already introduced the rabbit that’s in the focus of the GUNIA Project’s 2023 New Year collection. Once again, the Ukrainian brand is reviving the country’s craft traditions with fresh and fashionable objects.

Gunia Project | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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