Contemporary Hungarian metal artists | TOP 5

Contemporary Hungarian metal artists | TOP 5

Metalworking is one of the most ancient professions in the world, and its reinterpretation continues to this day. In our article, we feature five contemporary artists working with metals who shared what their profession means to them.

Sarolt Sógor | Connections

Sarolt Sógor is primarily interested in handicraft, the relationship between people and objects, which is realized in her diploma work Connections. Here, tactility takes precedence over visuality and intellectuality, which usually dominate today’s digitalized world.

This is how she explains her relationship to her profession, “I use my sensory experiences to deliver my message, both in terms of shape and material. This process keeps me in the real world, and turns my attention to the present moment. Furthermore, by choosing this profession I have the opportunity to represent those who value the preservation of manual and material knowledge. The better we know the objects around us, the more responsibility we have in using them.”

Csenge Diriczi | SENSE|s

Metalwork is not only an important means of connecting us to the material world but also a bridge between people. As Csenge puts it, “It is both a means of self-expression, as it offers infinite possibilities for expressing one’s inner world and a channel through which I can connect not only with myself but also with others. A piece of jewelry comes to life when it’s worn, creating an invisible link between the maker and the wearer.”

“In fact, the emotional charge attached to jewelry takes a long journey not only during its creation but also afterwards, encapsulating many personal stories,” she adds.

The pieces of her thesis, SENSE|s, form such encapsulated stories and intimate scenes. Csenge explored what makes romantic relationships work, and what intersections appear in each of them.


Luca Sági’s 2021 H2O collection is a reflection on the increasingly urgent global water crisis. In her jewelry, water appears both as an element enabling life and as a natural force capable of destruction. It is important to her that her jewelry carries a message because she believes that its function goes beyond the their wear.

“For me, jewelry is an inspiring mix of different disciplines and directions—art, design, handicraft, applied arts, profession, and craft—and a wealth of possibilities. (...) In addition, my main driving force is the possibility of total immersion in the creative process—research, design, experimentation, creation—which, by bringing me into a different mindset, both energizes and disconnects me,” said Luca.

dorivisy | REEF

Dóra Visy founded her own brand, dorivisy, in 2010, after completing her studies in Florence and Hungary. She is inspired by the nature that surrounds us, and it is no coincidence that the REEF collection we have also wrote about earlier was inspired by it. Through jewelry, she wanted to render one of nature’s most elusive moments, the light shimmering on underwater corals, eternal.

“For me, being a goldsmith, which is also my calling, is the transformation of a feeling, a memory, a mood into a lasting object. The noble metals and gemstones I work with are everlasting, so I sincerely hope that my jewelry will be worn through generations,” Dóri concluded.

Krisztián Ádám

Krisztián Ádám is primarily a designer and maker of limited-edition jewelry, experimental and unique pieces. His work is marked by simplicity and compactness, which also characterizes the harder types of materials he uses. He mostly makes his jewelry in stainless steel, titanium, or sterling silver.

In a previous interview, he described what he wanted to express in his objects: “The impact that my experiences had on me or thoughts and emotions in connection with them or caused by them, coupled with high-end professional quality.”


Photos: Attila Balogh, Tünde Fodor, Áron Viszló

Sarolt Sógor | Facebook | Instagram
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Luca Sági | Web | Instagram
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Krisztián Ádám | Web | Facebook

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