Creative fun—Eastern European design toys | TOP 5

Creative fun—Eastern European design toys | TOP 5

They are conscious, imaginative, groundbreaking and not the last for decoration. Why not make children’s toys stylish? A selection of the most exciting design toys in the region, not just for kids.

mydve | Czech Republic

The two creators of mydve, Monika Matějkova and Veronika Watzkova, are linked by sustainable implementation and the use of traditional methods. The aim of their work is to create objects that break down the boundaries between childhood and adulthood.

ESNAF | Bulgaria

ESNAF magnetic wooden toys, made by hand and in a sustainable way, entertain both young and old. ESNAF’s products playfully introduce interested children and young archaeologists to evolution, animals, geography, and biology. In addition to the latest collection, which deals with the theme of dinosaurs, educational and entertaining materials were created that offer novelty to the whole family.

PSIKUSY | Poland

In the creative activity book of Polish designer Pani Jurek, mixed-breed dogs play the main role. The purpose of this publication is to draw attention to the diversity of mixed-breed dogs and their specific individuality. There are forty dog species in the book that can be varied in any way, just like in reality.

Katagami Kokeshi | Hungary

Far East mixed with a touch of Hungarian. Réka Tóth-Vásárhelyi creates one of the key pieces of Japanese folk art, the Kokeshi doll, with a Hungarian form. Katagami Kokeshi’s new collection simultaneously draws attention to the versatility of Hungarian folk costumes and intercultural dialogue.

KUTULU Toys | Czech Republic

KUTULU is a Czech-Slovak design team working together to try to reshape traditional Czech toys for future generations. The sustainable production process is especially important to them, so the products are made exclusively of beech wood.

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ESNAF | Web | Facebook | Instagram
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Katagami Kokeshi | Web | Facebook | Instagram
KUTULU Toys | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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