Designing for a better world | TOP 5

Designing for a better world | TOP 5

Social design is a creative practice that aims to understand social problems and achieve positive social change. While it does not solve problems on its own, it does create opportunities through design tools that change the relationships between people and institutions, thereby achieving positive social change. In our selection today, we show what social projects make Eastern Europe better!

Maacraft | Hungary

In the employment program of Maacraft, mentally disabled young people with autism are helped by designers to create high-quality objects and delicatessen products while learning about the world and joy of work. In addition, gardening and the acquisition of craft techniques help them to develop their cognitive and manual skills, as well as to acquire knowledge reflecting visual culture within occupational therapy sessions.

TAK TO BYLO | Czech Republic

The project of the ceramic artist Lenka Záhorková, in collaboration with the elderly, makes tableware from porcelain dishes that are defective and would otherwise end up as rubbish. With the help of Lenka, the elderly process the story of their lives through drawing and writing, with which they decorate the porcelains. Porcelain, which is usually passed down from generation to generation, also serves as a medium for communication between generations.

Invisible Zagreb | Croatia

During the donation-based walks, we can get to know a face of Zagreb that only a few see. The city tour is led by people who used to live or currently live on the streets and will show you the Croatian capital based on their own experiences. This unusual method provides an opportunity for dialogue and also for visitors to learn more about deep poverty and then find real solutions to real problems.

Bagel Bejgl | Serbia

Although it may seem completely ordinary at first glance, this Belgrade bagel place is famous not only for its delicious, high-quality pastries, but also for the protection of victims of human trafficking. The place was founded by a non-governmental organization, called NGO Atina, which has been fighting for the rights of victims of exploitation since 2003. That’s why the people working here all came from this background, so you can not only be satisfied with healthy and delicious food, but you can also support an important cause with their help.

Fierce Women | Croatia

For much of history, Anonymous was a woman,” Virginia Woolf wrote, and indeed, most of us have a hard time naming five female philosophers or scientists. Fierce Women wants to change that with a card game starring passionate women who have achieved tremendous success in culture, science, politics and the arts. Thanks to the simple rules of the game and the beautiful portraits drawn by female artists, we can get to know successful women while developing a dialogue about feminism.

Maacraft | Web | Facebook | Instagram
TAK TO BYLO | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Invisible Zagreb | Web | Facebook
Bagel Bejgl | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Fierce Woman | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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