Eastern Europe documented | TOP 5

Eastern Europe documented | TOP 5

The picturesque landscapes of Eastern Europe lead us to forgotten villages, small communities. The identity of Central and Eastern Europe is inspiring to many photographers, as what is a bygone memory elsewhere is the raw reality here in many areas. Five documentary photographers, five perspectives exploring an always exciting subject: identity, community and our living spaces, in Eastern Europe.

Maxim Dondyuk | Ukraine

The Ukrainian artist is in the field of documentary photography, but his work extends to several media in addition to photography: he also deals with video, text and archival materials. In his works, he regularly reflects on the current, cruel reality of the country—documenting it from his own sensitive and close perspective.

© Maxim Dondyuk

Marta Berens | Poland

The documentary photos of the Polish photographer Marta Berens are also taken through a very personal lens: her melancholic, dream-like images tell the story of nature, living environments and the people who live there. Marta documents the Catholic community in Latvia, the Suiti people, with great interest.

© Marta Berens

Tamás Dezső | Hungary

Tamás Dezső documents landscapes, villages and people living on the margins of society in Hungary and Eastern Europe. In his photos, he presents the country and its inhabitants in picturesque compositions. Dezső has won places in the most prestigious international competitions and is constantly winning professional recognitions worldwide.

© Tamás Dezső

Agnieszka Rayss | Poland

Documentary photographer Agnieszka Rayss works with the post-Soviet heritage of Central and Eastern Europe, its myths and history, and topics related to its reinterpretation. In recent years, in addition to landscapes, she has also approached ecological themes, but her first works were about post-communist countries and how they tried to replicate Western trends.

© Agnieszka Rayss

Tamás Hajdu | Romania

Born in Romania, he is a veterinarian and photographer. The photos of Tamás Hajdu from Baia Mare capture the scenes of everyday life, yet there is something surprising and unexpected about them, which often seems comical.

© Tamás Hajdu

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