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A bracelet with which Hungarian designers would revolutionize hand disinfection

Hungarian designers reacted to the changes in hygiene habits associated with the pandemic, who brought a new, alternative way of hand disinfection with their product. Thanks to kleen-wear bracelets, the hand sanitizer will always be at hand.

With the appearance of the coronavirus epidemic, the hand sanitizer became our constant accessory in addition to the mask, which either leaked or stayed at home, and even if we were lucky enough to have it, there was a good chance it hid at the bottom of the bag when we needed it the most. The kleen-wear bracelet makes it easier and faster to use a hand sanitizer.

The bracelet was made by a three-member young team who have since held various positions in product and brand development. Product designer and marketing manager Viktória Ábrahám was involved in the design of the product, as well as managing social media interfaces and performing other marketing tasks. Her brother, Balázs Ábrahám, is the managing director of the company, he is responsible for the business development, administrative, financial and legal background. Gordon Gerber, a mechanical engineer, the company’s head of development, has created the technical background for the product and is responsible for all the mass production and logistics tasks. Extremely quickly, in almost a year, they got from the first idea to prototype development to production and sales.

“The idea was born at the time of the first closures due to the pandemic. The use of hand sanitizers has come to the fore as a result of the epidemic. So we thought it was time to revolutionize the way we use hand sanitizers. We want the kleen-wear bracelet to draw people’s attention to the importance of hand hygiene and to use it regularly to reduce the likelihood of the spread of diseases,” they say.

The object is intended to make hand disinfection a daily routine: the product on the wrist regularly reminds us to clean our hands.

“Because the product is a homogeneous, hollow body, it was a difficult process to design and manufacture an injection molding tool. Choosing the right raw material was not easy either. We had to experiment with a lot of materials to find a pleasant to the touch, skin-friendly, chemical-resistant and product-friendly material, and the lack of raw materials around the world made our task even more difficult,” they describe the design process and challenges.

Injection-molded bracelets made of elastic plastic can also be fitted with gel and liquid-based hand sanitizers. Refilling can also be done easily from a hand sanitizer bottle or an external bottle with a pump. The bracelet holds about eight to ten hand sanitizers enough for use.

Available in four different colors, sales of the product began in Europe through the webshop, and it is planned that we will soon find kleen-wear bracelets on store shelves.

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