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An exhibition that helps us connect to people with reduced mobility | Ösvényeinken: Veled

This project moves and breaks down the walls, both figuratively and literally, that surround the lives of people with reduced mobility. The exhibition Ösvényeinken: Veled (On Our Paths: With You) will take place in two indoor venues, in the building of the Mozgásjavító EGYMI (Mobility Improvement Center in Budapest—Transl.) and the House of the Hungarian Millennium, and on the fairytale path connecting the two institutions in the Liget. The exhibition came to life due to 6 months of collaboration between the two institutions and the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and it was also supported by the Hungarian Paralympic Committee.

The collaboration was launched at the initiative of the House of the Hungarian Millennium. At the request of Piroska Földváry, Kinga German, Associate Professor at MOME, integrated the project into one of her university courses, which allowed 30 university students to attend the sessions provided by the Mozgásjavító EGYMI and the joint work could begin.

“We spent a lot of time at the Mobility Improvement Institute during the project in preparation for the exhibition. We participated in art classes with the students there, creating together and playing games. These sessions focused on the world of fairy tales, a theme that inspired us all. We decided to build the exhibition around this topic. I think one of the most unique aspects is that we created some of the exhibits together and were inspired by each other,” said Paula Fényes, a curatorial team member.

Visitors can see, among others, the special fairytale-inspired costume of textile student Virág Velkey, as well as the costumes of the dress-coding team—textile designers Fanni Huszár and Lili Pázmány (UNOBSTRUCTED, Accessible Underwear)—who worked closely with the project. But unconventional works such as those created by students from the Mozgásjavító EGYMI and MOME are also an integral part of the exhibition.

The exhibition offers an inclusive space for visitors to share their reflections and think together while drawing attention to the work of the Mozgásjavító EGYMI, the young people who live and study there, and their everyday lives, with all their positive and negative aspects.

The exhibition is open until June 15, 2022.

Photos: Lola Eördögh

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