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Autistic Art and Touch Me Not came up with a joint collection for World Autism Awareness Day

The latest collection from Touch Me Not Clothing will debut soon. The special feature of the 60-piece sweater collection, available from the second of April, is that it is the result of a collaboration with Autistic Art. Four types of sweatshirts have been produced in a total of 15-15 numbered pieces, and twenty percent of the total proceeds from the sale of each sweatshirt will go to the Autistic Art Foundation. Among the faces of the campaign are poet, translator and slammer Márton Simon and poet, dramaturg and translator Ágnes Réka Tóth.

The CHESS fantasy pieces are based on drawings by István Mészáros, an artist of the Autistic Art Foundation. The drawings show the strategic movements of the “King” and “Queen” pawns on a schematic chessboard. The original of the complete graphic is printed on the tags, while in large, the sweaters only show the arrows that indicate the movements.

The collection will be available from 2 April 2022 on the Touch Me Not Clothing website.

Photos: Botond Wertán—Wertan Co., Ltd.
Source: Press Release

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