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Virtual showroom in the metaverse | Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency organizes the Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit fashion industry conference featuring international experts for the fourth time. The 2021 event will approach and showcase the fashion industry’s future from the perspectives of sustainability, knowledge sharing, cultural heritage, e-commerce and changing consumer habits. This year, the event will enter a new arena of digital development, as in addition to social media, it can also be followed in the digital space of the Decentraland metaverse and it even offers a unique virtual showroom to sell fashion and design products.

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency is organizing the digital conference on 1-2 December, with presentations and programs that are free and open to the public and professionals. You can follow the two-day event on the BFTS’s official Facebook page, where domestic and international speakers will share their professional views on different topics, such as sustainability, e-commerce, education, technological development, or ‘fashion business,’ in video calls.

“This year we are coming with new innovative solutions, and we will launch a virtual showroom to present Hungarian fashion and design products during the conference,”—said Zsófia Bata-Jakab.

The CEO of MDDÜ added:

“The virtual world offers new ways: the designers’ creations will be available in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), making the HFDA one of the first fashion industry agencies worldwide to appear in the metaverse and thus provide an opportunity for Hungarian and regional designers to sell their products using NFT,”

In the Agency’s virtual digital store, you can not only view the unique pieces on display but also buy them directly from the Budapest Select Concept Store with a single click. Besides the artworks, in Decentraland, you can also follow BFTS’s programs and presentations.

With this digital conference, the Agency aims to create a platform that reflects the fashion industry’s perspective on the global challenges posed by COVID-19 and the key issues of the coming years, such as the environment, sustainability and innovation. One of BFTS’s main objectives is to put Budapest on the map of sustainable fashion capitals and to play a leading role in making the Central European region more sustainable. As a side event of the conference, a Sustainability Roundtable will be held in line with this objective. Taking place on 3 December, the discussion will be an opportunity for the MDDÜ to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability in the face of changes affecting the fashion industry.

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