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IN SITU features the best of Hungarian contemporary art and design

For the first weekend of December, Initio Fine Arts decorated a downtown apartment with art and design objects. The special selection is on display until 6 December.

For Initio Fine Arts, it is important that the artworks are not only displayed on the walls of galleries and exhibition halls but also come to life “in situ”, in real homes. Works by some of the best-known artists of Hungarian contemporary art (Imre Bak, János Fajó, Tamás Konok and Dóra Maurer) are complemented by the prints of the world-famous Hungarian-born artist Victor Vasarely. Alongside them are lyrical bronze, ceramic and marble sculptures by Sándor Kecskeméti, floating paintings by Bálint Miksa, porcelain pieces by Júlia Néma, reliefs by Ákos Matzon, furniture by Anna Horváth (AHA objects) and the award-winning photographs of Dániel Szalai.

The IN SITU exhibition is open until 6 December 17:00. You can book an appointment by clicking on this link.

Photos: Benedek Regős
Source: Press Release

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