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Everyday rituals condensed into a collection | THE SENTIMENTALIST X Heni Barabás

The touch of natural materials, the rough shapes and the unevenness of the glaze: the ceramics collaboration of Dorka Kászonyi, the founder of the jewelry brand THE SENTIMENTALIST and Heni Barabás turns to ordinary, everyday rituals for inspiration. The objects’ naturalness soothes us and helps us slow down. Meet the collection dubbed “Gentle touch”!

Dorka and Heni took the moment of coming home and slowing down as the starting point when creating the collection—the move as we take off our jewelry at the end of the day: the moment of an honest and intimate everyday ritual. “Life’s fabric is made up of small joys. It is especially now that the world is shaken and life as we knew it has vanished that we need the coziness and the comfort our small everyday rituals can sneak into our lives the best,” reads the collection’s description. 

Each and every piece of the collection is unique and hand-crafted, the majority without a pottery wheel, resulting in irregular shapes and uneven finishes: the special structure gives a special character to these ceramic objects. A five-piece mini collection was designed for storing jewelry and other treasures, debuting items like the jewelry tray entitled Palma, Mano, the hand-shaped jewelry sculpture, or the irregular Tesoro jewelry box made on a pottery wheel. In addition, the collection also offers a massage and relaxation tool as well as a sculpture experimenting with shapes. 

The items of the collection are available at the website of THE SENTIMENTALIST in limited quantities.

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