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HIGHLIGHTS | That’s what makes us addicted to animations

Often, when we hear about animated films, we think of easy, relaxed films, but an animation film can be educational as well as entertaining. This Sunday, animated shorts are in the spotlight: let’s watch them together!

Quick to consume and fun to watch: there are many arguments in favour of animation, but from a production point of view, it is much more exhausting and costly than a traditional film. Although their success is usually overwhelming, unfortunately the lack of work and money to invest can put many projects off. But what makes them successful? Before diving deep into psychological depths, let’s draw on our own experience: why are we more captivated by a graphic world than a photorealistic one?

Imagination is the key. A coloured world opens up new, more exciting perspectives. It stirs the senses, creates formal and conceptual connections that cannot be made in a traditional production: it expands the boundaries of the imagination.

Pop the popcorn, turn off the lights and let’s see what our friends from Ecuador to Greece have made!

Do it! Motion – Our Secret | Ecuador / Germany / Russia
Freddy Barreiro
Jonas Anders
Veronika Vieyra
Mario Moreno
Daruma Audio

Mezamé | Portugal
AIM Creative Studios
Adamastor Studio
Daniela Carvalho

Spike Summer | Italy
Andrea Di Liddo
Federico Bressan
Federico Epis

Back to the Wild | Republic of South Africa

Lundbeck – Alcoholism | Greece
Konstantinos Pappas
Alex Pyrenis

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