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HIGHLIGHTS | The everlasting act of handwriting

Since the Lascaux cave drawings, even in today’s digital world, it can be noticed day after day that we are sticking to our drawing tools. In this week’s project collection, we have selected works that focus on a handwritten text or motif. Let’s see them!

It is an ongoing debate in the education system whether the next generations need to learn handwriting at the same level as their predecessors, as they will communicate through a screen or keyboard most of their lives. But just as books have not disappeared from the digital world, it seems that handwriting is not dispensable either for developing a confident personality or corporate identity.

Imagery is one of the basic tools of self-expression, and, regardless of how you look at it, writing is the most complex means of communication, aside from drawing, because it is not only a visual, pictorial expression but also a mechanism that represents mental functions.

Let’s see how our creatives translate the writing images they learned in primary school into the corporate world!

CROCROBO | Istanbul, Turkey
Selim Ekmen

Meansbxy | Mexico City, Mexico
Futura .

Daydream | Wuhxi, China
HDU23 Lab

Rusak Hair Pomade | Moscow, Russia
Tanya Vino

Bimbo free type family | Florence, Italy
Zetafonts Type Foundry

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