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Law firm in Poznań with a simple style

Przybecki Law Office, furnished by Polish-based BIEN STUDIO, is located in a historic apartment building in Jeżyce, Poznań. As part of the project, the spaces were expanded with a new lounge, a conference room and additional office space, creating a perfect harmony that gives a clean look to the overall design.

The conference room space is separated by glass walls, creating a curious play of light, thanks to the extra effect of the decorative glass—when exposed to light, the golden frame gives it character. Antique wooden doors provide a large open space for visitors.

The center of the space is defined by the reception desk made of terrazzo, which is also the highlight of the project. Furniture and paintings with heterogeneous textures were chosen to complement the neutral off-white walls: a velvety matt grey table top contrasts sharply with the bright doors and colorful chairs.

This contrast is broken up by the decorative plants scattered around, which suits the bright space. The plants have also been placed in characterful grey pots, reflecting the more raw and natural materials of the room.

To add a touch of color and pattern, a large mural was placed directly behind the reception, turning the entrance hall into an extraordinary exhibition space for Honza Zamojski’s regularly changing mural from the Prism series, Orange or Anger. The walls of the conference room are decorated with Kai Redkie’s richly textured and brightly colored paintings.

Photos: Tom Kurek 

Source: ArchDaily

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