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Luxury sound experience | Meze Audio Empyrean

Meze Audio was founded in 2011 in Baia Mare, Romania. The brand started the work with experimentation and research, looking for technical solutions for the perfect sound and feeling that headphones can provide. In addition to hard work, they were sure of one thing: they wanted to make special products that had life and personality.

Meze Audio doesn’t want to be average: but what does this mean with a headphone?

Their model, called Empyrean, is an open-system, unique planar magnetic audiophile headphone in which two coils of independent shape direct sound to suitable areas of the ear. The special magnetic ear pads help the operation of the sound-generating planar magnetic system mentioned above.

Currently rated as one of the best in the world, hi-fi audiophile headphones are a real luxury product, which is also reflected in the stiff price, but the hand-put product is quality in every detail. The buyer gets a carbon fiber headband with a leather strap, a special design, and a unique experience.

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