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Paradigma Ariadné’s latest work evokes the geometric world of the countryside

The first major work by Paradigma Ariadné, the Bivalyos Tanösvény complex in Sándorfalva, reflects the character of regional architecture and agricultural machinery.

This summer, those with eagle eyes may have already spotted the buildings of the stunning landscape of Sándorfalva, the educational trail and the buffalo barn designed by Paradigma Ariadné in Kamay Ko’s collection photos. The complex is located next to the reed pond in Sándorfalva, in a Natura 2000 protected area. The HUF 65 million tourism investment was funded by the EU and the 500-meter long, curved nature trail links a 200-square-meter buffalo stable, three meditation rooms and a viewpoint. Visitors can thus gain an insight into the wildlife of the reed beds, the daily life of buffalo herding, or simply enjoy the transformation of the landscape, wherewith the help of buffalos, the reforested area is gradually becoming a reclaimed marshy area with rich birdlife.

The aim of the project was also to create not only a tourist attraction but also an area that would be an exciting and useful public space for all residents of Sándorfalva.

The inspiration for the design of the project came from the dominant image of rural landscape architecture. The familiar feeling we all have when sitting on a train or driving on the highway, looking around. The striking character of sometimes even centuries-old regional farm buildings in the distance, and the rustic atmosphere that is almost intertwined with them, the stark geometric world of silos and wagon-loaders, the encounter of which they wanted to evoke with these buildings.

The complex of buildings thus created provides an orderly atmosphere and at the same time relates to the sometimes chaotic, but certainly inspiring character of the Hungarian landscape, especially the lowlands. The project is also a testimony to the fact that, with rational planning and clear municipal intent and management, it is possible to create architectural excellence at a reasonable cost, even in the context of the domestic building industry.

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