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Poland’s first mobile hotel built from refrigerated trucks

Wroclaw-based architecture and design studio Znamy się has breathed new life into abandoned reefer trucks and turned them into rolling hotel rooms. Good Spot is the first mobile hotel chain in Poland, aiming to offer its visitors a unique, “off-grid” experience.

According to the designers, the idea was born during a kitesurfing trip. “What if the hotel room could move around? If it could stay in places offering the best conditions and closeness to nature?”—they asked. The disused isothermal refrigerated trucks were the starting point for the Znamy się team, whose exterior was covered with stainless steel, and the windows were framed with wood. The interiors are dominated by white and wooden surfaces and can accommodate up to four guests. Large windows have been fitted at both ends of the vehicle to allow more natural light to enter the room. The project consists of four mobile hotels; the first has been completed and the other three are in production.

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Source: designboom

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