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Prague’s Manifesto Market awaits city dwellers at a new location

The aim of Manifesto Market is to turn neglected quarters into vibrant meeting points for city dwellers. Its newest location is situated in one of Prague’s busiest hubs, the Anděl quarter. The formerly unused plot will now be revitalized thanks to the CHYBIK + KRISTOF architects studio. Let’s see!

At first glance, Manifesto Market looks like an outside food court, but it’s much more than that. The initiative was brought to life by landscape architect Martin Berry in 2018 with his multidisciplinary team: together they turn parking lots and brownfield lands into vibrant community spaces, where besides the gastronomic pleasures, film screenings, musical and other cultural events also find their place. In the framework of this mission was the first Manifesto Market created in Prague’s Florence, then a second one in the city’s Smíchov quarters, which now will get relocated to the Anděl area.

The concept once again follows the principle of reversible design, which means that the used modular units will be made of dismountable, reusable elements. Thus the structure of the new Manifesto Market will contain different components from its earlier Smíchov location, such as the ribbed aluminum sheets, the lighting, and the furniture that will all make part of the new concept. The separate catering units will be accessible through an elevated but accessible wooden platform, which will also hide the temporary technical infrastructure. Every new and old element will line up under a wide blue scaffolding, which in return serves as a terrace at the center of the Market, providing a view over the underlying containers.

This layout of the food court was in fact inspired by the typology of Prague’s urban structure: the Market’s “city-inside-a-city” nature is reflected in the narrow streets connecting the catering and entertainment units, and a unique look, furniture and green areas give the separate units a nice vibe.

Photos: Studio Flusser

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