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Stylish pets | TOP 5

Nowadays, fashion is no longer a privilege for people only, our four-legged friends can also enjoy special pieces. Simplicity, comfort, awareness—an overview of Eastern European dog designer brands.

Hello Pets Shop | Poland

The Polish pet accessory brand Hello Pets focuses on function and originality. They address owners who appreciate exceptional solutions and also pay attention to the comfort of their pets. Last but not least, Hello Pets products also serve as excellent decorative elements.

Madzag Dog | Hungary

Madzag Dog‘s range of dog accessories includes versatile pieces from special dog houses to porcelain bowls. Their new, unusual collection further adds color to the market of designer products for pets. Madzag+ collars are made of cactus-based vegan faux leather and Hungarian cotton, which is a very important step for conscious pet owners.

Labbvenn | Poland

Labbvenn approaches modern pet ownership from a minimalist perspective. The brand aims to create coherence and sophistication between dog accessories and interiors.

Pet Sofa Budapest | Hungary

Pet Sofa Budapest is a very new business, which offers handmade, stylish beds. Each piece is made individually, making it an even more special accessory for our tired pets.

SIXFEET Dogwear | Hungary

SIXFEET Dogwear is a dogwear studio in Budapest, where you are guaranteed to find a collar and accessories that suit your dog’s personality. SIXFEET’s collections include lively collaborations, hiking sets, and even specialties for those on two legs.

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