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The coolest Polish restaurants of our favorites | TOP 5

In our selection today, the main role belongs to Poland, more precisely to the Polish restaurants, and not just to any restaurants: we have selected our favorites! At these places, fabulous environment and interiors, menu-resembling atmosphere, and decorations create a complete gastronomic experience. Let’s see!


Nature’s colors dominate this restaurant in Poznań, which was inspired by the Bauhaus in Tel Aviv. This is brought to life by such characteristics as immaculate white tiles, oak and granite furniture, or glass lamps. Still, the focus is on the flavors: the restaurant takes Israeli food to Poland with its menu full of tasty plants.

Opasły Tom

The restaurant is located in the heart of Warsaw and its menu accurately represents the splendor we would infer from the interior, which is designed by BUCK.STUDIO. On the creative menu, you will find modern Polish dishes, for which quality, seasonal ingredients from the Polish regions are used, following the principle of slow food. The restaurant has a split-level layout, so it was crucial to find a solution that connects all the rooms and integrates the design into a harmonized whole that provides a unique aesthetic experience.

Photos: PION Studio


Another wonderful interior and color palette – also the work of BUCK.STUDIO – dazzles the eyes at the Portuguese restaurant MARTIM. Located on the banks of the Oder River, the restaurant provides a mini Portuguese tour for visitors with wines and specialties on the menu.


The interior of the restaurant, designed by WWAA architecture office and visual designer Boris Kudlička, didn’t hold back when making choices about materials: velvet chairs, leather, characteristic tiles and theatrical grandiose curtains achieve a dramatic effect.


And we finish our selection with another fantastic world of taste. The Taj restaurant adds Thai flavors to the gastronomic scene of Krakow. Here, it’s the exciting flavors that give you the experience, and the interior is a beautiful balance of natural furniture and unique decorations.

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