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The idyllic world of the sunny beach is evoked by the identity of the Polish jewelry brand DOBRO

A piece of jewelry can be important to us in many ways: it can be linked to a dear memory, it can remind us of a special occasion or experience, but it can also brighten up our appearance during grey weekdays. Handmade, unique jewelry is an even more valuable treasure in our collection, as these often extravagant, detailed pieces can be considered exceptional works of art. This is also the case with the Polish DOBRO goldsmith manufactory, where fabulous jewelry is accompanied by an impressive brand identity!

Kasia Dobrowolska, the founder of the brand, is a truly passionate artist who is mostly inspired by her travels, so sunlight and various natural motifs are often reflected in her classic necklaces, earrings and rings made using the classic goldsmith technique. The unparalleled method involves laborious and meticulous processes such as wax carving or mirror polishing, which make your jewelry even more valuable.

The utterly restrained collection with subtle design suggests elegance and sophistication, and this is reflected in the packaging of the products. The identity conceived by Unifikat Studio lies in minimalist details; pastel shades, idyllic, sun-drenched, sandy beaches in the background, tasteful and simple typography and a combination of blue and white colors for a harmonious and refined look.

DOBRO Jewellery | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Unifikat Studio | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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