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Ukrainian spots from our bucket list III.

Ukrainian interior design is just as prominent on the international scene as Ukrainian fashion. It’s hip, sophisticated, yet daring; it breaks up with minimalist trends but doesn’t go overboard. With a perfect sense of proportion, it straddles the line between exciting details and overall harmony. Though we can’t be sure of their current state, we made a bucket list of places we’d definitely revisit in Ukraine given the chance. Here comes the third episode!

Café and SUP paradise | Solovey Design

Converted from a former Soviet sports locker room, White Rabbit Surf Café merges a cozy café, a SUP board rental and a community center. The interior is characterized by the unique curved white-washed brick walls and the terracotta tones that emerge. The owner couple, interior designer Natalia Solovey and Oleg Solovey have brought together their different ideas in this space. Natalia had an old dream of running a minimalist café, and Oleg was a fan of SUP surfing and wanted to promote this new sport in his hometown.

Odessa Bakery | Lera Brumina & Artem Trigubchak

Kyiv-based interior designer Lera Brumina is known for her intimate, minimalist home designs, but when it comes to hospitality, she can break away from the rational and throw in some real surprises. She designed the bakery-café in the heart of Odessa together with Artem Trigubchak, based on vibrant color contrasts and textures. “The color concept draws on cool shades of pink, blue and grey, all of which emphasize the warm color of the bread,” they said about the dreamy result.

Café embedded in architectural heritage | Pinchuk+Architects

One of the missions of the 1900s coffee chain is to give new life to buildings from the early twentieth century. In this case, they renovated the 1911 building of Alyoshin, a famous architect from Kyiv. They have deconstructed the layers that have accumulated in the interior over more than a hundred years, revealing once again a cultural heritage that has been forgotten for many years. The café has become a real urban jungle, where yellowish lights give the space a calming and positive vibe.

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